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Established in September 2016, HESSA North was founded by experienced construction professionals who have been in the field since the mid- 1970s. During our time in the construction industry, we have been able to build numerous structures throughout the Canadian arctic and have spent countless hours on the job and in the office. With years of experience, we understand the intricacies of a wide range of work from flooring to framing to concrete contracting. Our experience helps us to find the best workers in the industry. From skilled carpenters- to concrete experts, if you’re looking for reliable hands to help your project go smoothly, HESSA North is here to help.

No matter where your build is based in the Canadian Arctic, you can count on us to efficiently and effectively give your project the manpower it needs to succeed. Our company is built on years of experience and our processes are curated and specially created to provide our clients with the most reliable workmanship possible. For more information about our services or to field the work needed to get your project from start to finish, reach out to our team today.

We also offer mobile welding services in Iqaluit and Apex seven days per week. Our licensed technician is ready to meet your repair or enhancement needs. Contact us to find out more.

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